Bracket Challenge


1. Each participant may purchase up to 3 entries into the pool.
2. All payments and entries must be received by tip-off of the first game in the Round of 64 on March 21st, 2019
3. Any incomplete entries will be invalid starting at tip-off of game one 3/21/2019
4. Any ties will be broken by the score of the final game
5. Prizes:
        a. 50% of all proceeds will be donated to ORBIT2019
        b. Prizes will be paid at a 1:10 ratio


1. Begin by paying for your chosen number of entries
2. Follow the bracket pool link and follow the instructions on adding your entries. You may pay and create your entries before the field is announced, and complete them when they become available.
3. Please include your name somewhere in each bracket entry

Pay Here:

ORBIT NCAA Bracket Pool

Create Brackets Here:

After paying, please enter your entries on our CBS Sports pool:
ORBIT 2019 NCAA Bracket Pool
Pool password: orbit