Crazy Bowl Registration

ORBIT 2019: St. Patty's Drunken Buddies Crazy Bowl


1. 3 pm, 3/16/19, AMF Pleasant Valley. Bowling, raffles, community, fellowship, FUN!
2. Bowling will start at 3:15pm
3. Fee will be $15.
4. 1st game will be 8 pin, a form of bowling where it only takes 8 pins out of 10 to get a strike, go for the highest score!
5. 2nd game will be low-ball, a form of bowling where the lowest score wins (but gutter balls count as strikes, you have to hit something!)
6. 3rd game will be crazy bowl, each frame bowlers will have to do something crazy: granny style, backwards, no hands, etc etc. Who can bowl the best?
7. Most importantly this event is designed to be FUN for everyone and promote unity in the LGBT sporting community

2. Pay Here:


Come Join The FUN!